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Brickchain developed a strong expertise in building infrastructure with the strongest privacy and security requirements, based on the Brickchain open source protocol. Brickchain built:

Integrity, the passport to an internet where privacy matters

Integrity is an open platform, that enables brands and businesses to provide a new ecosystem of services, through a data layer enabling:

  • Better circulation and quality of data made possible by user consent and privacy
  • Trust in this data provided by strong security and certifications
  • Simplified access to this data and these services through the integrity app, while integration through SDKs and open source passport remain possible

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Federated eID

The technology built by Brickchain can provide new platforms for identity federations. In many countries where internet and mobile penetration are among the highest in the world, digital banking remains stagnant due to a perceived lack of trust, security, and accesibility.

With the experience of current digital electronic identification systems, Brickchain can provide the latest technology to build very secure federated eID platform. Any trusted eID issuer can join the federation to provide users with a secure identity to access online banks. The policies of the federation defines the rules of participation.

On top of an established eID infrastructure built on Integrity, other services can easily be provided, such as peer to peer payments.

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